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How to Choose the Best Solar Installer to meet your Needs

Due to recent discussions in an around climate change, it is become crucial to identify sources of green energy to power our homes and vehicles. The energy from the sun-solar energy-fits this criterion. Consequently, many people out there have been seeking to have solar panels installed in their homes. However, one problem that all potential customers face is finding the right solar installation company to get the job done. The issue arises due to the high number of solar installation firms marketing their services out there.

How do you decide which solar installer to approach? Well, for starters, one has to take into account the installation company’s certification and accreditation. Now the solar power will allow you to offset a portion, if not all, of your electricity bill and hence there must be legal implications related to this decision. So making sure that the solar installation firm is approved by the designated body is a wise decision. The approval of subcontracted companies should also be checked. Consumer certification bodies can help check the installer’s eligibility, customer ratings, and background.

Recommendations and customer reviews can also serve as a guiding light one which solar installation company to approach. Within one’s vicinity, there must be at least one individual who has used a solar installer in the past. You can approach this individual and seek out their opinion on the quality of service they received from the installation firm they used. Analyzing the solar installation company’s customer reviews can guide you to the firm with the best service delivery. Guidance from relatives and trusted friends may be vital in identifying the solar installer.

The solar panel design and brand that the solar installation firm deals in is a crucial point to note. It is not possible for one solution to be used to solve all emerging issues since customer challenges are unique. A clear explanation about the various brands of solar panels and the pros and cons of each, should be availed to the customer by the solar installer. The installation firm should also take their time to fully understand your needs and recommend the best type of solar panel to use based on available finances, electrical output, lifestyle and aesthetic appeal.

The solar installer’s warranties should be carefully examined. The solar installation company should ensure that the warranties related to the panels are clearly explained to the customer prior to installation. If the warranties cover a short period, it can conclude that the panels are cheaper and probably low quality. Workmanship warranties should also be something that you look out for, with most solar installers covering up to one year.

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